Monday, November 3, 2008

Likes to smoke in a non smoking area? BEWARE!!

I heard this from the radio this morning. It's definitely a great news to me, not sure how you feel lar. hehe.. Say one day you makan at a non smoking restaurant (normally air con room are non smoking one lor..), while you were eating, you found somebody smoking!! What will you do? Normally you will tell the waiter and asked them to go warn the smoking customer right? Some waiter will politely asked the smoker not to smoke but some waiter are afraid to do so. If the waiter or the boss afraid to ask the smoking customer to stop smoking, you do not need to walk out of the restaurant. What you need to do is to call the Ministry of Health and report to them about this. Both the smoker and the restaurant owner will get summon!!

Doesn't it sounds great? You want to smoke in a non smoking area? You will need to pay for it!!

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Dora said...

Yeah, this is a good news. I hate people smoking everywhere esp in restaurant and other public area.