Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yay, I've made the right choice!

I always pump petrol at a Shell petrol station near my house. Yesterday when I drove home from work, I noticed my petrol tank is almost empty, I decided to pump before I go home. I changed my mind when I saw the petrol station full of cars! What is wrong today? so many people pump petrol? Tomorrow petrol increase meh?

I was tired and lazy to wait so I decided not to pump. I shall pump tomorrow.. and later that night, FL told me that the petrol price is dropping again, wuaahahahahahahha, drop 15 cents and it will be RM 2 per litre now. I have made a right decision, not to queue to pump petrol, else I will be damn sam tung now. hehe...

So today I can have free lunch lar. since I will save a few more dollars on my petrol..

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Forever28 said...

I knew petrol price will drop this few days, so I decided not to fill my tank yesterday~ Wise decision ya~