Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I don't know, You don't know..

One of my colleague intercom me at about 12pm just now..
C: hey J ar.. later where you guys going out for lunch?
J: err, dono wor, haven't decide yet..what about you?
C: i dono wor.. what you guys plan to eat?
J: err, dono wor, not hungry yet so not yet think...you wanna join us?
C: i'm thinking whether to join or not to join. hehe.. so where you guys going to eat?
J: (again? the same question?) hehe, really dono wor.. what about you? (ya, i know we are repeating the question again and again and again...)
C: i also dono wor..
J: western food, chinese food, indian food, fast food?
C: dono ler...
J: so how...
C: nvm lar.. i go hunt for food now..bye
J: bye..
You can see how moodless we are during work, hehe, everyone is sooo sooo soo in holiday mood now... A lot of companies even declare half day off (like the pejabat pos), even not half day off, they also let their staff to go back early (like FL's comp, 3pm asked them to go home liao..so nice...)..

what about me? I'm still stuck at here till 6pm lar..what about you? are you still in office like me?


carrot said...

yah, it is really moodless at work today :D but i stayed till 6 too

Dora said...

Me too stayed 'til 6 but the whole day like nothing much to do, so enjoy!

yuen said...

wah all ur colleagues so nice one ar...aihs...(>____<) ...mine all no fun & joking joking one..mine all so serious and never call me to go lunch, i have to call em one