Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eh, don't main tembak lar!!

FL and I went to a malay stall near our place for dinner yesterday night. This is the 2nd time we had our meal there. We ordered the same dishes (I always ordered the exact same dish when I eat at malay stall, dont' ask me why. hehe..), telur bistik, sotong pedas, kang kung belacan and sometimes tom yam campur).

So as usual, we ordered the same dishes. After we're done, we asked for the bill. Normally what they do is they will asked you what you ordered and they calculate from there. So this lady, she didn't ask us what we order,(she's not the one that take our orders too), she just look look look and write write write and asked us to pay RM 20++. We were quite shocked when she asked for RM 20+, since when the price increased? The last time we makan here (at most a month ago) only took us about RM 18!!

So we asked her, how much is this dish, how much is that dish... and then only we realized she don't know what we ordered, she just main tembak only!! We told her, this is tom yam ayam leh, she said, aiyar, i thought tom yam campur (campur more expensive), then we said we ordered kang kung belacan leh, then she said she thought we ordered kailan ikan masin, then we said this is teh tarik leh, then she said i thought u order milo panas!!

OMG, why don't you asked if you are not sure? Luckily we asked her how much is those dishes lar, else, rugi lar!!

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