Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Google Chrome ~ Not bad wor..

Whenever I opened one of my blog with Firefox at my house, the firefox will auto shut down. I wanted to format my notebook but I don't have the time to do that plus I don't know where to backup all my stuff to. (yep, tried uninstall and reinstall the firefox)

Of cos I can start using other browser such as IE, or Opera, but after a while, I switched back to Firefox. I think i'm so used to it already until I heard about the new google browser, Google Chrome. I decided to give it a try.

It's actually very similar to Firefox, and it's definitely faster even I open so many tabs!! You can also drag the tab out and it will automatically turned into a new window and vice versa. What's more? everything is in one box, web search, web history, address bar, damn cool!! It's still in Beta but I'm already in love with it (maybe because the firefox is getting slower and slower everyday!).

The incognito mode for private browsing.
Use this when you don't want pages you visit
to show up in the web history.

Have you try the Google Chrome? If not, give it a shot and I think you will like it too..No more shutting down when viewing my own blog..yay!! :p

p/s: Nope, this is NOT a sponsored post. hehe..


Falcon said...

thx for the tip...i'm havin problems with firefox...but im very attached tomy

Forever28 said...

Wao~ I haven't try yet. Thanks for sharing the info~~

Joyce said...

IE huh.. haha, you should really try this..

ya should try it out, it's quite cool!

Anonymous said...

There's gonna be a new IE8 (the BETA is available for download).

Chrome is open source, so you can actually tweak the browsers codes etc. Might in future cause security issues in the hands of a crafty programmer.

Nevertheless, it's a fair looking browser with features for a BETA. The Javascript engine is also faster than Firefox.

Joyce said...

ya, i agree with the security thingy that you mentioned...

well, i guess one thing IE definitely not able to beat Firefox or Chrome is that IE needs to pay where else others are FREE!

mchun said...

IE already "free" when you "buy" MS Windows :-P

Joyce said...

well yes, IF you buy MS window.. hehe..