Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why so fast Monday again??

Every Monday, I would pray for Friday to come fast. But when it comes to Friday, I will hope the weekend pass slowly. Do you think the same like me?

However, it seems that I never get what I hope. On Monday, i hope Friday to come faster but it always arrived slowly and when it comes to weekends, it's like a few seconds and we're back to Monday again.

Oh ya, very clearly I'm having Sunday night blues. hehe.. Tomorrow is Monday mar.. so now having blues lor.. :p

Happy Monday and happy working again.. (now it's time to wait for Friday to come..)


Dragon said...

99.9% of working people will have the same feeling as you. not only workers, students also having the same thought, i assume.

Joyce said...

haha, true lar.. monday wait for friday to come, then friday hope weekend passed slowly..