Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't want to take lar!!!!

I don't have plans for the coming raya holidays and I don't plan to take leave. In fact, I think it's quite nice to work when most of the people go on leave, no incoming calls, not much emails and you can quietly sit there and do your work peacefully, and of cos go home sharp at 6pm!

Then out of a sudden, I received an email from the management telling us that they are going to close down the office for the raya holidays and asked us (for those who plan to come to work) to apply leave.

Arggg.. how come they don't let me work.. how come wanna waste my leave.. :(


henrywong said...

my company also forced us to take leave. but i recently cleared all my leaves before this even happened. Stupid HR says will deduct next year leave! NEXT YEAR i resign! Then she says DEDUCT PAY!!! Damn!

Joyce said...

wow, so fast u cleared all ur leave for this year? hehe...

deduct pay is really very bad lar, ppl wants to work also cannot.. i also agree cannot force ppl to take leave mar..