Monday, September 15, 2008

The more you asked me to remember the faster I will forget!!

Last week, I helped one of my colleague to install a software. During the installation, the system required us to enter a password. So when the system prompt us to enter the password, I told him, this password is very important, so make sure you remember the password (of cos there's a way to reset but it's quite troublesome). So he said yes yes yes, he will remember lar, he will write it down lar... I leave him alone to to enter his password and I went back to my place.

This morning, he came to my place and asked me, erm, J ar, do you remember my password? See lar, he himself entered the password and he came to me to ask me whether I remember the password he keyed in or not? I'm not even at his place when he entered the password!!

Maybe it's my fault, I should not asked him to REMEMBER the password. Cos the more I asked him to remember, the faster he will forget!!


Dora said...

So u have to remember the passwords for the users in ur co., hehehe...

Joyce said...

no ler, i don't even know what's his password!!