Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For your safety, please drive your vehicle INTO your house!!

The public security in our country is really getting worst. There is a rising number of cases of snatch thefts, robbery, sex crimes, and violence in Malaysia. Last time you probably will heard ppl said, don't go out too late, come home earlier to avoid becoming these victims but it seems like coming home earlier doesn't really help nowadays!!

Few weeks ago, one of my relative got robbed right in front of his house at Damansara Jaya, PJ. He went home after worked and parked his car in front of his house. It was about 10pm at night. His housemate went down first to open the door and the minute my relative opened his door, 4 Indians with parang came to him and asked him to hand over his car keys. He got no other choice but to hand over his car keys and when his housemate saw these 4 Indians with parang, she screamed!! One of the Indians quickly got into my relative's car and drove away and the rest drove away in their car, a perodua MyVi.

The luckiest thing is both of them were not hurt and now he just pray that his car can't be found and to get the Insurance claimed as soon as possible. 10pm is not that late right? Besides this, I heard another incident which happened at 8pm yesterday night. Someone got shot in front of the McDonald at Bandar Sri Damansara!! 8pm leh!!

So now what? Don't drive? Don't get out of the house after 6pm? Don't go to work? Don't go out at all? Our 'MATA' should really do something about this lar..~sigh...


Mr5zal said...

yes, it's dengerous. Last Saturday my neighbour who is working as a security guard just to earn a living was shot to death by a group of stupid robbers. He is on his way to fill ATM machine with some money. After being shot, he was hit by a van. That was so sad.

anyway, good blog u have. feel free to visit my blog


Joyce said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your relative. It's really sad lar...

hope the police can really do something about it!!

Anonymous said...

The police?? I think malaysia's police only exist whn politician involve or whn bribery is concern or whn saman is introduce....any other time, they all go to sleep liao...even , whn u go police station to report robbery or snatch, they will just tell u back that " oh, it happens all the time.just b more careful ya. there is nothing we can do also"...sickening:@