Friday, September 26, 2008

Judge.. I'm here!! I'm here!!

I heard this from a friend's friend who recently went to the court. He got some issues with the bank (unsettled payments) and received a lawyer letter from the bank. He was asked to attend the hearings few days ago.

He thought the court will somehow like the TVB drama, 'lou por dai yan' but it's totally different!! He arrived there on time and sit quietly to wait for his turn. There's not much people attending the hearing, then there's this person reading out a list of names, those people that should attend the hearing. When he heard his name, he stood up, wanted to step forward but a guard near him asked him to sit. He was puzzled, shouldn't him suppose to step forward when his name was being called (like the TVB drama)? Since the guard asked him to sit, he thought maybe our country do things differently, so he sit down and wait.

After the person finished the name list, the person told the judge, ALL ABSENT!! What happened next? The court dismissed!! My friend's friend was shocked, hey, I was sitting right here! How come you said I'm absent? So he rushed out to find the person that read the list and told him he's there all the while!! The person looked at him and said, oh, you are here ar? nvm lar, come next week!!

He felt so geram as he purposely took leave to attend the hearing. Since he was there, he decided to go check out other cases which involved lawyers!! So he went in to this room, lawyer A was doing the talking. He can't really hear what the lawyer A said and when it's the lawyer B's turn, lawyer B told lawyer A, can you speak louder? I don't know what you are talking!! haha, so funny lar... So after the lawyer B finished his talking, the judge said, ok, enough for today, continue some other day. Then the judge started to pick a date, lawyer A said "I tak senang", the judge picked another day, then lawyer B said "I tak setuju", and the judge go on picked another date until all parties agreed.

After hearing what he said, I suddenly understand how come those cases dragged so long also not yet finished and I also understand how come lawyers are so rich (the longer the case, the more they earn right?) ... aih..totally disappointed!!

Have you been to the court? Izzit really like what my friend's friend said?

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