Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cracked, again??

Every morning I will make a cup of coffee and eat breakfast in office. Today as usual, i made myself a cup of coffee. After I placed my coffee on my desk, I saw coffee stain on the desk. I thought I accidentally spilled it so I wiped it off. After a while, I saw coffee on the desk again... strange.. I wiped it off again, then again, there's coffee on the desk!! What's wrong??

I looked carefully at my cup, and then I realized there's a cracked line on my cup!! This is the second cup I brought to office, the first one also cracked, this one also cracked, what is wrong? My office is not very cold also mar..

Hmm, the first one I bought with RM 2.90, hehe, at Jusco and it lasts for almost 2 years, and this one is from FL's comp (free), only lasts for a couple of month, free things no good things ya.. :p

I'm going to find another cup to bring to office lar. hope it'll last longer!!


jimmyho said...

I use stainless steel mugs :)

Dora said...

Yeah I agree wth u that free thing usually is bad for its durability.

cbenc12 said...

ahhh. i nvr hav cracked mug b4 wor! never even heard of it! :D