Monday, September 22, 2008

Anybody wants donut? FREE....

I wasn't feeling very hungry during lunch hour as I had my breakfast quite late this morning. I decided to eat something light so I went to the bakery shop to get some bread for my lunch/tea time. The minute I walked in, the buy 1 free 1 word caught my attention! Oo, buy 1 donut free another donut wor, since I don't know what I want to eat, why not take this.. free wor.. (although i can't finished 2 .. but just can't resist the word FREE).

When I go to the counter to pay, I asked the staff again, donut buy 1 free one right? She said, yes.. but when she asked me to pay RM 2.80 (Rm 1.40 each), I looked at her, ei, just now i asked you and u said it's buy one free one? how come i need to pay for 2 donuts instead of 1? She looked at me and then the donut and then asked me to pay Rm 1.40!! I guess the staff from this bakery shop is dreaming lar, no matter morning or afternoon..

Anways, free stuff not nice lar. It's hard, taste like dono what..~sigh, regret lar.. now how to finish this 2 yucky donut? Anybody wants donut? FREE.... come get it from me..

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