Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beware!! Old phone = new phone!!

I wanted to trade in my phone and I was quite surprised when they gave me such a high price. My phone, new one only sell it at RM 500+ (AP), i only expect them to offer me RM 300 at most. Who knows he offered to give me RM350!! By adding 100+ i can get a new phone, who wanna get a 1 year++ phone? If they buy from me, they got money earn meh? Can sell it off meh?

Yes, if only they sell it as a new phone, then they can earn lar... Why i said that? Because when they see my phone, they look very carefully to see if there's any scratches. I'm very proud to say I used phone very gentle one.. hehe, so no scratches at all. Got one stall asked me to give him the whole box, including usb cable, charger and etc. That is why i suspect they are going to sell it as a new phone lar...

So becareful lar..


keeyit said...

I used my phone for quite long already and I bought it with only SG150.. hahhahaha.. not thinking to change new phone lol

cbenc12 said...

what is de model of ur phone?

I've tagged u on a simple domino tag at :

Have a nice day! :)

Joyce said...

i like to play phone mar. hehe..

wat model ar? SE Z610i. Not bad lar..i trade in with the price RM370!!

oo, thanks for the tag..will write it when free ya..

Anonymous said...

I'm a phone shop dealer. We normally trade in depending on the quality of the phone. Yes we can sell 2nd hand phones. Don't be surprise, that people buy 2nd hand phones and generally a good condition one always be able to sell higher.

We don't do what you've mentioned on your blog, in fact we can't do that because every phone has an IMEI no. and is recorded down for warranty matters, don't get mistaken by the term AP. AP are not ciplak phones, they are original phones is just that the warranty won't come from the local phone maker dealers. You can eventually take an AP set to your local maker dealers and get it fix for a price of course.

So please don't say us like that. Is just so happens we normally charge higher for good condition phones esp. even better if the full set can be given including box etc.

Joyce said...

hmm, how come i say they might sell it as a new phone? Cos i heard them saying it.. one took my phone and ask another guy said.. hey can sell as a new phone or not? that is why i suspect they give me high price becos they can sell it as a new one.

of cos, i'm not saying ALL phone dealers do that, but you can't say NONE of them did that also right?

I don't think all buyers knows about the IMEI no, this is the first time i heard about it. To most of the buyer, as long as got warranty, as long as when the phone got prob they can come back and change it, then i guess nothing else matters lar..