Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Streamyx customer service..

My streamyx at home is very unstable lately. Friday night I have problems connecting to the Internet, Sunday night ok, and yesterday night not ok again. I called the customer service and after waiting for 5 minutes, someone answered my call. Here's our conversation..
J: Hi, I have problems connecting to the Internet.
C: What's your login id?
J: xxxxxxxxxx
C: ok.. what's your contact number?
J: xxxxxxxx
C: hold on ar.. help you to check..
(wait for 2-3 minutes)
C: ok, we currently having some problems in your area.. hold on ar.. i check again...
(wait for another 2-3 minutes)
C: ya, some maintenance work is going on.
J: so how long will it be up and running again?
C: err. i'm not sure.
J: so you don't have any idea when i can use the Internet again?
C: err.. i'm not sure.
J: so what i can do now is wait?
C: ya.. maybe you can try again.. later, or tomorrow morning or tomorrow night..
J: ^*^*&#$#$#(#*$#
Wasting money calling these ppl lar. everything also dono...

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