Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Selamat Hari Orang!!

Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year. 7th day is called 'Yan Yat' (人日) which means it's the birthday of all human being. On this day, Chinese will use 7 different vegetables to cook porridge or soup, it is believed that this will bring us good fortune. As for Malaysia and Singapore Chinese, we will have 'Yu Sang' to replace the 7 vegetable porridge.

Oh ya, do you know the 1st day of Chinese New Year is the Chicken's birthday, 2nd day is the dog's birthday, 3rd is pig, 4th is goat, 5th is cow, 6th is horse and 7th is human? hehe, I google only I know lar.. :p How come chicken first? Well, they said Chicken was created first then followed by dog, pig, goat and lastly human, that is why human's birthday is on the 7th lor.. Interesting right?

So, Happy Birthday to All of us and Selamat Hari Orang!!


khengsiong said...

Never know about the '7 different vegetables'. Thanks for the info :)

Christians believe that God created human on Saturday. So every Saturday is the birthday of human lah...

keeyit said...

happy birthday everyone and happy valentine days