Monday, February 11, 2008

When is the best day to start work after Chinese New Year?

I bet you guys have heard either from the radio or read from newspaper that there are days which it's good for us to start work. Which day? These so called good days are the 5th day of chinese new year, which is today lar.. (except for.. ppl that born in, errr.. oh no, i forgot.. hehe..sorry sorry..:p, i know it's good for me lar. :p), then 7th day of chinese new year and 12th day of chinese new year.

So since today is a good day to start work, i start today lor. haha, no lar, actually i plan to start work today one. :p According to a friend of mine, last year he did not start work on a good day, so his work for whole year not so smooth. Therefore this year, he decided to start work on a good day. hehe..

Do you believe in these things? When you plan to start work?

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