Saturday, February 2, 2008

The WaterFront @ Desa Parkcity

Do you know there's a newly opened Jusco at Manjalara? I think about 2 months ago, if you are heading towards to Kepong toll, you will see sign boards that direct us to the newly opened Jusco at Manjalara. I always go hunt for food around Manjalara but I never see any Jusco before. I totally have no idea where is that Jusco and the funny thing is, the sign boards does not really gives us direction to Jusco. You know that it's in Manjalara, but where?

FL told me yesterday that a friend of his told him exactly where is the new Jusco. So he brought me there. Wow, i never expect the jusco is located inside the luxury housing area. Where? Ok, let say you are heading towards the Kepong toll, turn left to go to Manjalara. Go straight and you will see a roundabout. Take a 3 o'clock turn. That will lead you to Desa Parkcity. Don't need to stop in front of the guard house, just go straight, the guard won't stop you as well. hehe.. Then you can follow the signboard there to get to The WaterFront. Along your way, you will see lot's of double storey, or is that triple storey? Anyway, you will see those nice nice, big big, expensive houses along your way.

we were there late, about 9pm+. Luckily they opened till 11pm. Took this picture at 11pm++, they off the lights already, else you'll see that it's really nice. I was attracted to it immediately. No wonder FL's friend said The WaterFront is like The Curve.

Maxvalue, which is Jusco lar. There's a lot of other shops too, but all closed already. Not all shops were occupied though. There are Secret Recipe, Kluang Station, Coffee bean and some other restaurants there.

nice? a bit like the curve right?

there are some really nice
cny decorations too!

After we shopped at Maxvalue (Jusco),
we headed to Kluang Station to have a drink.

If you want to meet your friends, chit chatting, this is actually a good place. The environment is very nice. Not too crowded too. Check it out!

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