Monday, February 25, 2008

Blood Test @ PathLab

After a long delay (before cny plan to do it, drag drag drag till now..), finally FL and I went to Pathlab last Saturday to do the blood test.

We decided to take the Platinum Healthcare Membership Program. RM 720 which includes 4 free Platinum Health Scan worth RM 260 each, a membership card (entitled for 20% discount on any Pathlab Health Screening at usual price) and a RM20 cash voucher. The 4 vouchers are valid till year 2011, which means we gonna use two of these vouchers for now and we can keep the other two for next year's blood test. Why don't we take the normal package? Normal package costs RM 220 per person and includes less tests.

The Platinum Health Scan includes a lot of tests..which I don't remember what are they and also free two cancer tests. Besides the blood, they required our urine too.

I was horrified with needles, i know it's not that painful but i'm still very scared. hehe..luckily everything went well for me, except my blood flows very slow. According to the ppl there, it's becos I seldom exercise and thus my blood circulation are slow and caused the blood flow slow. hmm, really need to exercise more lar..

Mine went well, very fast within 5 minutes, everything is done. It doesn't went so well with FL. They are having a hard time finding the right place to poke the needle. Poor FL, kena poked 3 times, and yet the blood was not enough for the test. They required him to come back again some other day as they said even they tried some more no blood will come out. Asked them why like that, they said some ppl are like that.. hmm... I wonder how come FL got no problem when he go donate blood, does that means these ppl are not experienced enuf?

first time, tried on FL's right hand,
no blood come out.

second time.. wow..
this is very painful... little bit blood ..

third time, also little bit..

Now waiting for the report. Pray hard, hope everything gonna be fine.

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keeyit said...

We must do the medical checkup once a year.. hehe.. good to hear you do that..