Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cds Cds..Should I buy?

There's a time where I'm crazy about Cds, yes, original cds lar.. 3 cds every week. Hahahahaa, it's true lar, that was when I was still in college, buy cds until i pk and go find part time job. Now I only buy Cds when my FAVORITE singer, David Tao got new albums. As for other singers.. Internet can find mar. hehe..

But recently I have the urge to buy Cds again. listening to mp3s can't satisfy me anymore..There are a few singers that I really like their songs, singers like Gary Chow, JJ ... If i buy sure i will buy from the 1st album to the latest album.. that's a lot of money wor... Should i buy should i buy?

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