Monday, February 18, 2008

Are you able to guess how much is this soap?

Guess guess guess, guess how much is this soap.. How much? RM 3? Give you one more chance.. How much? RM 6? haha, give you another chance lar.. Ok ok , i tell you how much, this soap costs RM 10!!! Yes, RM 10, unbelievable right!!!

When FL told me he bought this soap, I looked at it a while, then continue to do my work. When he said, this soap costs RM 10 leh.. I stopped and looked at the soap carefully. of cos mar, what kind of soap need that expensive, normal soap 3 pieces only RM 2++ leh.. Even you buy a bottle or a refill packet of shower foam also don't need that expensive lar..

He told me he bought it at a tea farm at Cameron Highlands. According to his cousin, this soap is very good especially if you have sensitive skin. His cousin purposely go to the tea farm to buy this soap. She bought 10 pieces of this soap. That is why FL bought one to try.

After FL tried, he told me his skin very itchy.. wuahahahahahhaa.. Maybe this soap is good for people who have sensitive skin, but not ppl that don't have sensitive skin. :p

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