Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bird Attacked!!

I have 3 plants at my balcony, one is the pandan leaves, one is the leaves that is very good for flu (to eat it raw) and one more a plant full with leaves, hehe, dono what is that plant called. These 3 plants were at the balcony since I moved into this house.

During cny, i added some soil to the plant, korek here a bit, korek there abit.. and i cut cut cut the plant that cure flu to 5 little small plants.. to let it grow. The next morning, I saw one plant being pulled out, and the soil is all over the place. what is wrong? Even my pandan leaves also the leaves can see being eaten. Then only I found out that there's a bird that is attacking my plant everyday.

The bird pulled the plant out, i put it back, but no use lar, cos the bird ate all the leaves. So my 5 little flu plant being eaten all, and now i'm hiding my pandan leaves.. hope the bird doesn't see it and don't ever come back again..

~sigh..poor plant...

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