Thursday, February 28, 2008

If like that, how ar?

I was having a conversation with my friend, OL regarding the election. She pointed out something that I never thought of before. So if that's the case, how ar? Here's our conversation.
OL: So you going back to vote?
J: ya i guess so
OL: U know who to vote meh, since you not staying that area..
J: errr.. i dono who to vote lar. just vote for xxx la..
OL: that ar.. if xxx didn't represent that area leh?
J: Oh ya wor, i never thought of that.. erm... then i think i vote for zzz gua...
OL: if zzz also not represent there leh...
J: ......... that meh..then have to check the newspaper first... see who represent that area lar. what about you? you going back to vote or not?
OL: me ar.. not sure yet, cos my that area hor, only one party lar..
J: har, got such thing one ar..only one party?
OL: yalor, no need to vote also they win lor..
J: really ar.. wow, i didn't know got such thing wor..
I really didn't know if that area only got one party, that means that party will win no matter got ppl vote or not. Does that means, those ppl staying in that area no need to vote? Since vote liao also like no vote like tat..

How come like that one? Why other parties dowan to go represent that area? Anybody can answer me ar?

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keeyit said...

That was what my colleague told me too.. hahaha.. so vote rocket la