Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi Hi Hi! I'm Back!!

Hi Hi Hi, I'm back. Miss me? Haha, how's your chinese new year? Time flies ya, very fast I got to come back to work. Hmm, how's my new year ar? Well, all I can say is tired, tired and TIRED. haha, travel to the south, travel east, travel west :p, how can I not be tired right?

Oh ya, got jam or not? I went back to JB on the chinese new year eve, went back as wat the newspaper suggested (read from the newspaper, the best time to travel was on the new year's eve, 9am-12pm), 9:30am. In fact, every year i also went back around that time lar. hehe, but every year also damn jam. There's one time it took me 7 hours to reach JB from KL. This time, traffic smooth, only took me 4 hours from my place, to my brother's house. Cool... My brother also very surprised when he saw me arrived that early. haha...

I came back to KL on Saturday afternoon, before toll quite jam, everybody rushing back? no lar, it seems like a lot of ppl likes to go to zoo (which is near the toll) during holidays and that caused the traffic jam. Highway no jam, only a bit bit jam at Seremban. Consider quite ok also lar...

What about you? When did you go back to your hometown and when you come back? Got jam or not?

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