Friday, February 29, 2008

What will happened if I don't go vote for 3 times...

I recently found out that there's really a lot of ppl never vote before (although they are already very old, hehe..i'm also one of them..), some even didn't register!! There are rumours that said, if you didn't vote for 3 times, you will lose your citizenship. Is this true?

This morning I heard from the radio, they too asked about this question. Some said yes, we will lose our citizenship if 3 times nv vote, some said no. So the answer is yes or no? It's NO. The gov will not force us to go vote, but if we nv vote, it's like we ourselves giving up our citizenship. We have the right to vote but we are ignoring the right.

So if you have not registered, or never vote before, don't worry you are not going to lose your citizenship, it's just that u are giving up the citizenship lar. hehe..

As for me.. I'm going to vote this time. yay yay..with my 1 vote, hehe, hope the party can win lar. (err, wait i still don't know that party got participate in my area or not.. :p)

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Sean said...

I voted once before, but I can't make it this time, sadly to say, hhahah~~