Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are you a Jusco Card holder?

Are you a Jusco card holder? Have you received anything from Jusco before? Any mails from them? Vouchers? Information? Anything?

I registered myself as a member 1 and a half years ago but till now I have not received anything from them. At first I thought they never sent out anything until my friends around me told me that they had received some kind of newsletter from Jusco, sometimes even vouchers. Wow..

So one day when I was in Jusco, I decided to go over to their customer service and request them to double check my address. And yes, they have my address entered wrongly. I get them to correct the address for me and I thought I will start receiving mails from them ever since.

BUT I was wrong. It was already more than 6 months I had my address corrected and I still received nothing from them. Recently a friend told me she just received some kind of vouchers from Jusco, how come I don't have???

Have you received anything from Jusco? Do they sent out to all members or just certain members that perhaps got a lot of points? Anybody can tell me?


arewedieyet said...

yup, they did send cash voucher. Check with them again.

Joyce said...

I did verify with them on my address and it seems to be correct. Arggg, don't tell me their system are not link!! or perhaps i should try another branch's customer service?

Ciyou said...

voucher during my birthday month and notice for that branch member's day sales.

My house got 3 person got jusco card, so 3 mails everytime~~ too much for us


Joyce said...

wah seh.. show off ar.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

How to apply for the jusco card?

Joyce said...

Just visit any jusco and go to their customer service, tell them you want to apply for the jusco card. Fill up the form and pay RM 12 and you got the card!!