Tuesday, August 19, 2008

STOP calling me!!

I bet you guys have received calls from credit cards companies, trying to ask you to apply for another credit card, or introduce you to their newly launched insurance package, or some survey companies asking you to do surveys and etc. I'm sooooo afraid of these calls especially those ppl that doesn't want to put down the phone even though you told them you are not free to talk.

Anyway, recently I realized besides all these credit cards, insurance, survey companies, there's another type of phone calls which I'm very scared of or rather annoyed, the head hunter company!! 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from so and so head hunter company. I do not know how they got my number and the gal seems to know quite a lot about me, know my name, know my phone number, know i'm in IT line, know what language i'm using and etc. She started to ask me whether I'm still using the language or not, currently working in which company and etc.

I told her i'm not looking for a job currently and then she told me there's a lot of jobs suitable for me lar and this and that and asked me to give her my email so that she can sent these jobs to me. Well, no harm mar right, so I gave her my email.

I received her email a few minutes later. Instead of seeing vacancies available, I saw a few questions, a few questions that she required me to answer before she can sent me the jobs. I was quite free at that time so I answered all her questions. After I replied her, she sent another email asking for my resume, she said with the resume only she can sent me the relevant vacancies.

I'm lazy to dig out my resume therefore I decided to ignore her, since i'm not really looking for a job. Then the nightmare begins.. The next day, she emailed me asking for my resume, I ignored her email then she called me later in the afternoon. I said I will update the resume when i'm free, then 2 days later, she called me AGAIN. I told her I'm really busy and not looking for jobs currently, perhaps she should give these jobs to other ppl who is currently looking for a job but she doesn't seems to care whether i'm looking or not, all she cares is my resume. So every 2 days she will call me asking for my resume, I'm so so so so so so regret that I actually emailed her back with all her questions answered! I should have just ignore her from the very beginning!! She's sooooo annoying!!

Argggg....STOP calling me please!!


cbenc12 said...

some ppl are just so persistent.. save her number in ur phone. press reject everytime she calls! :D wicked but it works..

Joyce said...

ya i'm actually doing that .. :p

wkhai said...

woww... look at it this way... you were head-hunted!!!

it means either
a) you're really good at what you do
b) you really really fit the job they want to offer to you

next round when she calls or email, just tell her "since you head-hunted me, you should already have my resume, if you're not satisfied with my credentials, then why bother contacting me in the first place??" hehheh... see how she replies to that!

Joyce said...

well, it seems like she doesn't have my resume, that is why she kept calling me!! I also don't know where she get my number from..