Monday, August 4, 2008

When will you finished posting about your HK trip?

I was chatting with my friend through msn and she's asking about my HK trip. Here's our conversation..
F: hey, how's ur trip?
J: great!! was really a fun trip!!
F: you said you gonna post it on your blog.. where is it?
J: got lar, i posted in my NEW blog lar..
F: har, you come back so long liao, only wrote 2 posts ar..
J: hehe.. ya lar.. busy mar.. slowly lar..
F: (after reading a while...) wah seh, you only post until you reach the macau ferry terminal ar.. like that when you can finish posting about your HK trip?
J: aiyar, i wanna write in details mar.. very helpful to those who is going to HK leh.. sabar sabar...
F: faster post lar.. hehe...
My friend complaint to me that I took too long to post about my trip. She also said i wrote too details already.. ~sigh..details not good meh? for those who is going to HK, can refer mar..right or not? Some more not easy leh, first got to arrange the photos, then have to recall back, then have to remember the price and etc..

hmm.. I think it's worth to take time to post it in details..

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