Monday, August 18, 2008

How to know other ppl's salary!!

Recently I chat with a not so close friend through msn and from all the questions he asked me, I know he's trying to figure out how much I earn every month (he actually asked me directly how much i earn but i refused to tell, so he took another approach this time). If you like to know your friend's salary but pai seh to ask, maybe can try to use this method lar. But of cos, if your friend is as clever as me (a-hem!! hehe..) you still won't be able to guess lar..

After b-s-ting for a while, F started to go into the topic..
F: so i heard u just bought urself a place.. how much per month ar? I also wanted to get my own place..
J: oo, depends how much is your property lor, mine is about RM xxxx per month lar..
F: oo, ok also mar.. what about your car? finish installment already?
J: not yet lar. still need to pay ler..
F: how much?
J: oo, about RMxxx lor..
F: wow.. ur expenses very big also wor.. luckily you no need to give your family..
J: (started to feel weird) who say no need to give? my family wait for my money to open rice 'hoi fan' one ler. hehe.. (joking lar..)
F: wow, so how much?
J: hmm... (i started to b-s-ting lar. hehe.. who ask him to ask so many questions..), i give very little only lar.. few thousand only lar..
F: WAH!! so much??? so what else you need to pay? installments? household stuff? maintenance fees? how much money you used per month? got savings or not?
J: ... (continue b-s-ting, hehe..)
See, if your friend answered all these questions with the exact amount, you can agak agak know how much your friend is earning lar.


Baby said...

why these of ours want to how much is our salary so much?

Joyce said...

errr..curios gua.. or '8' lor.. :p

Borneo Falcon said...

Life is tough now