Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mop Mop Mop? How much is their salary?

I am watching the Olympic badminton match between korea vs japan, indonesian vs malaysia and malaysia vs china (keep switcing channel lar..). I'm not really a badminton fan so while FL very gan cheong watching how they play, I was thinking about other things. What am I thinking of?

Well, you know when the players rest, there will be some workers come out to mop the badminton court for them. So I was thinking how much is their pay for mopping the floor. Wuahahahhahah, are they paid per hour? per match? per day?

Ok, don't scold me lar, I'm just curios mar. You see ar, ppl pay to see the match but these ppl get to see the match nearer, closer and FREE! Not only that, they also get paid for that!! I mean, seriously, if you are really a fan, you can really consider this as a part time job mar...

ok ok .. i shut up now.. let's continue watch the match.. :p


Anonymous said...

I think they are volunteers.. they only get meals only.

Joyce said...

izzit? oo, i thought got salary tim..

lY said...

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- c H i E n - said...

They're volunteers. Even some of those performing on the first day. Most of them are all volunteers.

Joyce said... i know.. they must be sports fan!!