Monday, August 25, 2008

How come no blog during weekends?

A friend asked me this through msn...
F: Ei, you not in Kl meh last weekend..
J: no ar, i'm in KL, didn't go anywhere.
F: then how come all your 3 blogs no update one?
J: oo, i got no notebook to use mar..
F: har, how come? where's ur notebook?
J: I connect my notebook to the TV to watch movie mar.. so no notebook to use lor.. that's y cannot blog lor..
F: ^&#$($#($^@$*&%$_(@_()$
Sometimes I feel weekends I'm even more busy than usual, why? Well, first of all, if i didn't balik kampung, i will clean my house lar. that will take up some time, then i have to talk to my plants. hehe.. experts says talking to your plants makes your plant happy and healthier.. wuahahahahaha.. then i have to watch movie, it is a must. Why? Becos if i don't watch, my harddisk no more space mar, so i used weekend to clear off some movies lor..

so you say i where got time to blog?

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Forever28 said...

Maybe I should start to talk to my plant too... haha!