Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cancer Cancer, Cancer again???!!!!

Recently I'm watching a TVB drama which talks about pets, dogs and cats. The first few episodes were funny, full of laughter. Who knows... suddenly the main actor was diagnosed with cancer and only will lived for another 6 months or so.

Not only that, one of the dog also diagnosed with cancer, BRAIN cancer some more. I just don't understand why these ppl like to make a happy drama to a sad drama. Is it because a lot of audience prefer unhappy ending? perfer to see ppl die? Else how come almost every drama also got cancer, cancer and cancer?

I guess now i understand why I prefer those 'gu zhong' drama, at least i know definitely got no CANCER scenes!!


Hester said...

i also prefer 'gu zhong' least we are not able to guess the story line...

cbenc12 said...

cancer is dramatic mah..
i dun like guzhong.. i prefer western drama :D

Joyce said...

yay!! give me 5!!

dramatic meh? make ppl feel sad only.. :p