Friday, August 15, 2008

Scariest dreams!!

We were talking about dreams during lunch yesterday, the scariest dream that we ever had. I told them about my dreams which I dream many many years ago. (see i can remember so long, sure very scary lar. right!!) There's actually 2 dreams which I can remember till now (both happened when i'm still in primary school), both related to ghosts!!

I do not remember what i dream (i just know it's ghost chasing me around, something like that lar..) and I had this dream for 3 days, continuously!! Nor, you dream then woke up, the next day you sleep, the dream continue, just like those episodes in drama. After having this dream for 3 days, I was so afraid to sleep!! Luckily it stop, else i really dare not sleep. Then another one is I was being chased by a ghost in a 3 storey house and when I ran to the balcony on 2nd floor, something dropped in front of me, it's the head of the ghost!!!! wuaahahahhaah..


Forever28 said...

Aiya... I am watching that drama, still at the very begining stage. You indirectly told me what happen in the next... >.<"

Joyce said...

ei, you are posting comment for the cancer cancer post izzit. hehe..

well, i didn't tell u lar.. i said the dog got cancer mar but i didn't say which dog mar..hehe...

as for the ending.. erm.. i don't like the ending lar. :p