Monday, August 11, 2008

My Capalang MILO!!

I feel like drinking a cup of milo after dinner just now. I walked into the kitchen, took a cup and a teaspoon, then I took the milo out from the cupboard. At that point, my mind go wandering for a minute or so. When I finally focus back to my cup of milo, I realized I've added a lot of things into my cup. What did I add?

Well, besides milo, there are coffee mate, milk powder, nescafe and cocoa!! Aiyar, don't know what i'm thinking just now. Basically I add almost everything in the cupboard (luckily nv add lipton tea, green tea and honey. :p) into my cup!!

So how? throw ar? wasted lar.. don't care lar. add in hot water and see how it taste lar.. Well, actually it doesn't taste that bad leh.. hehe.. So if one day u feel boring drinking milo, try this lar!!


cbenc12 said...

where's ur mind?/ thinking bout who?!? hehehehe..

Joyce said...

thinking of who? actually i also don't know what i'm thinking.. i think i'm not thinking of anything at that moment!! hehe..