Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forum or Blog?

I started my very first forum 6 to 7 years ago. That time, I kind of FORCED all my friends, msn friends, real friends, whoever that knows me to JOIN my forum. hehe.. I was being reffered as the forum girl at that time. It was a free forum hosted by some website, few months later, my forum down and it never went up again. I lost all members, all threads, all posts..

So here comes my 2nd forum. Again, I asked all my members to join again. hehe.. I see them, the first thing i will asked them to join my forum. Then I joined a company which I started a company forum, then I have another forum, then when I bought my place, I created a forum for my condo too. But hosting on a free site is really not a good choice as it always down and at the end of the day, you will lost everything.

After foruming for several years, I started to blog and blog and blog. If you asked me which one i prefer, i would say i prefer to blog and blogging is easier. Why? forum need ppl to participate but blog? you can do your own talking, which i'm good at.. ya, i'm very good at talking to myself. hehe... don't you think so?


cbenc12 said...

hahaha u like to talk! good~!
forum is fun if everyone participates voluntarily.. =)

Joyce said...

correction! I like to talk to myself! wuaahahhahhaa...

ya ya, forum can be very interesting too, but it's not easy to get everyone to participate!