Thursday, January 31, 2008

The honeymoon month!

My colleague kept telling me that this whole month of January, I did not work a full 5 days for every week. hehe... Well, it's true. First week of January, I took 2 days off and went to Bangkok, the following week, there's a public holiday, then i was on mc for the other week, then last week, Thaipusam got a day off and this week i took another 2 days off cos going back hometown.

That means, first week work 3 days, 2nd week, 4 days, 3rd week 4 days, 4th week 4 days and 5th week 3 days. Oh ya, don't forget next week, only work 2 days. wuahahahahaha, how nice if every week also like this!!! :p

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