Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Advertlets, did you really sent out our cheque?

Exactly one month ago (10-6-2008), I posted this on my blog, Dear Advertlets, when are you going to pay me? to complaint about Advertlets. The next day after I wrote this post, I received a comment from Advertlets Support. They told me they already sent the cheque to me. So immediately I login to my advertlets account and found that my cash out status had changed from 'Unpaid' to 'Sent'.

Since then, I checked my mail box everyday, hope to see the cheque from advertlets. Day by day, week by week, and after one month (today is 10 of July) i still received nothing from them! So should I blame the post office? Did they lost my mail? Or should I asked Advertlets, did you really sent out our cheque?

Did anyone that cash out on march 2008 received cheque from Advertlets? Anybody?


TenthOfMarch said...

If I am not mistaken, they used to send their cheques using postlaju. Not sure if they are sending it by SNAIL mail now.

Joyce said...

poslaju? if it's pos laju then i should have received within a day or two rite..

now it's already one month leh.. what mail also should arrived by now lar.. right?

Jess said...

Super duper slow snail mail maybe? Hahahaha.... wish you luck.

Jayce said...

My friend did not receive anything from Advertlets after cash out at March. The status still in "Unpaid" now. :(