Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear Advertlets, when are you going to pay me?

On 25th of March 2008, I cash out the very first time from Advertlets. Ya, their minimum pay out is RM 100 and I only able to reach that amount after 1 year ++. Anyway, I cash out and after a month, I checked back the status and it still showed as 'Unpaid'. I sent them an email, asking them about this and very quickly they replied me and said it takes about 30 to 45 days for them to process the payment.

Alright then, I will WAIT. So on 26 of May 2008 (definitely more than 45 days), I checked the cash out status and it's still showing 'Unpaid'. Again, I sent them an email to ask them about this and guess what? Till now I still did not get a reply from them and also the status of my cash out still remained as 'Unpaid'.

I waited patiently for more than 60 days, sent them email but they never reply, so what else can I do? The only thing I can do is to remove their ads from my blog (since they are not paying me, why I still put their ads to advertise for them right?). I google a bit and found out that Advertlets got really bad reputation on this cash out thing. A lot of ppl claimed that they didn't received their money, some cash out since last august but till now still received nothing!!

I'm not that kind of person that believes everything ppl said but this thing really happened to me, so now I believe them. So dear readers, any of you had cash out from Advertlets before and had actually received payment from them? Let me know, let me know how you get them to pay you! RM 100 maybe means nothing to you, but to me, it means A LOT. I can feed my car full full using that RM100!!


Advertlets Support said...

Thanks for letting us know. FYI, your payment has already been sent. We have explained this on our blog, regarding March cashouts, please refer to the schedule:


Joyce said...

Well THANK YOU!! at least a reply from you guys.

If that's the case, I shall wait for my cheque to arrive any time from now.

Jayce said...

Based on the Advertlets blog, March and April cash out should get the cheque within June 2008.

Did you get yours already?

As far as I know, my friend which also cashed out on March did not any cheque from Advertlets yet.

Will Advertlets delay the payment again? Let's wait and see... :P

Joyce said...

Hi Jayce,

NO, I have not received my cheque from advertlets. I wonder how long it takes to post and receive a cheque within malaysia. It's more than 2 weeks now!!

Jayce said...

Its only take postman 3 days in west Malaysia. But it takes Josh Lim some time to go to the bank. :P

Hope you will receive your cheque soon. :D

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