Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are we all racists?

I used to have a malay colleague which join us for lunch last time. Because of him, we need to go eat at halal places, which is fine for me as i like spicy food. hehe.. Then i noticed something, if we go eat at those malay mixed rice stall, they will tend to charge us, the chinese more expensive. So one day, we decided to test how true is it.

Me and him go picked the dishes together, we took exactly the same dishes, 2 vege and a sotong and guess what, mine are more expensive than his! If you looked at our plates, you will see that he actually took more, more rice, more vege, more sotong but they only charge him Rm 3.50 where as mine is RM 4.50. Is this consider as racist?

When I told this to FL, he said cannot blamed the malays lar, cos we the chinese are doing the same thing also. Oh really? Yes, FL told me his malay colleague actually asked some other chinese colleagues to help him buy pirated vcds cos if they go buy themselves rite, it will be more expensive!!

So i guess we are all racists?


Anonymous said...

this normal..not only malaysia..indonesia also the same lah

Anonymous said...

malaysia unite my ass la. i hate it most when on radio/tv or where ever they keep showing those stupid artist sing stupid unity songs. all are pure bullshit.

anyways, there's never such an issue of dvd/vcd different price, but the food is very and i MEAN VERY TRUE!