Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spiderman and Batman in Malaysia!

Are you late to work today? Me? Ya, today's jam is even worst than Monday!! I reached office at 10am++!!! While I was stuck in the jam, I heard something funny from the radio. The DJ asked... Do you know how come spiderman and batmat can't rescue ppl if they lived in KL?
You know why?

Well, for spiderman, the reason he can't become a hero in KL is because in KL, we don't have much tall building, and all tall buildings are far away from each other. So he probably can just perform his act at the twin tower there.. jump to twin tower A, then jump back to twin tower B. wuaahahhaaha..

So what about batman? Well, first of all, batman's car is too big to go through the tolls and he can't really drive around as KL always jam and got road blocks. wuahahahah so funny lar..

Thanks to the dj for lighten up my mood a bit after stuck in the jam for so long!!

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