Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend and SICK!!

I love weekend, who doesn't love weekend right? We can go out shopping, go out yum cha with friends, or just stay at home to watch DVD or play games for the whole day, sounds great right? But what if you are sick during weekend? You can't do things that you suppose to do during weekend, all you can do is just to feel sick at home and take your pills! argggg...

Why am i start talking about all this? well, very clearly, i'm sick now.. monday to friday i'm good, but friday night i started to get fever lar, this and that.....why this happened to me? I've been waiting for my weekend to come and this is what i get when weekend finally comes?

~sigh.. Although I didn't get to enjoy my weekend, but I still hope you enjoy your weekend. You still have one day to rest, make a full use of it!!

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Anonymous said...

See..sick already now have to take MC on Monday. Hahaha, rest well ok. See you in the office :-P