Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RM 18K for you!!

The thing I hate most about credit cards (ya, apart from the interests and charges) is that you will always get calls from their sales ppl. They will asked you whether you need another card or not, want to do balance transfer or not, want to get cash advance, want to buy insurance and etc. Imagine if you have 4 different credit cards from 4 different bank, you will get at least ONE phone call from any one of the bank almost every day.

Normally when they start talking about personal loan, balance transfer or new credit card, i will say i'm not interested and ended the conversation. This morning I received a call from alliance bank, I had received one from them yesterday, so I asked him izzit about the insurance stuff, if yes, his colleague had already called me yesterday and i'm not interested. So this guy said it's not about insurance. He said i'm one of the lucky one that had been selected to get RM 18K. wow, Rm 18K wor.. sure you will continue to listen rite.. So how to get the RM 18K? he then start to talk about the interest fees is low, then it will be directly bank in to my account and blah blah blah.

Ah-Ha, talk so long ... and it's about personal loan lar.. aiseh, just that this guy used another way to sell his personal loan to me...

So did i get it or not? I told him if i no need to pay then i'm interested lar, else.. i'm not interested. :p

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