Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Will you say Hi?

I went to Jusco @ Kepong to have my dinner yesterday. While I was thinking what to eat for dinner, I saw a familiar face. I saw my ex course mate, we were quite close back then but she only studied for a semester and she left because her family can't afford to support her anymore. After she left, we still keep in touch for a while, then totally lost contact.

Although after so many years I haven't met her but I can still recognize her. She didn't change at all. I wanted to step forward to say hi but then I realized I don't remember her name. I don't remember her name at all!! I can't just go over and say..hey you remember me? I'm so and so ler.. but i forgot your name!! like that meh???

Have you been into this situation before? If you were me, will you go over and say hi even though you don't remember her name?


sam said...

" are u!! we went to school together remember ms. mala, how u've been la!"

"eh, sorry but i can't remember ur name, but i remember u"

Joyce said...

wah like that meh.. later i go over then she said she don't recognize meh..then very pai seh leh...

Ciyou said...

I usually go and talk with her, just chit chat, then ask her phone number then ask her how to spell your name are? It's actually works for my high school mates as last time we call chinese names at school but saving name at handphone use english more convinent