Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With plants looks better than without plants lor

I bought a very tall, transparent vase from Ikea before the chinese new year. It was being left empty without any plants after the chinese new year (before that i have the 'shui mei' plant). I decided to buy some plants, dried plants (not fake, but dried, too much fake plants at home will have communication problems. hehe..according to feng shui lar.. ) for my vase.

When i was back to my hometown last weekend, I managed to buy some really cheap dried plants. I bought two different kind of plants and hope it will looked nice on my vase. After I put in the plants.. i realized that i'm really not good in these kind of things. Well, it does not looks ugly lar.. but it doesn't really looks nice also. wuahahahahhahaah..

So i asked FL, does this looks nice? He said.. erm.. ok lar.. (ya i know, he dare not answer..) So i asked again, ok means what? nice? not nice? Finally after my continuous asking, he decided to give me the real answer. So what he said? Well, he said with plants looks better than without plants lor.. aih, really kek sam after hearing what he said. :p

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