Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm from Malaysia but my IP is not???

FL helped his friend to register a hosting yesterday. It's cheap, it has unlimited space and sign up is easy! So we paid using the credit card and immediately we got the access to the account that we signed up. So he started to help his friend to transfer files over to the hosting. Everything seems so perfect right? Wait wait, i'm not done yet.

This morning, FL received an email from this web hosting saying that the account had been deactivated due to some suspicious activities. What? What kind of suspicious activities? He only transfered a few files over and did nothing else. He contacted the support ppl and apparently, they said the IP that he used to register is not the same as the credit card issued country.

Well, i don't know how the IP thing works but we lived in Malaysia, we used streamyx, by right the IP should be from Malaysia too right? How come it's not the same as the credit card issued country? So how? they need more things for verification.. password lar, photocopy of credit card lar.. photo lar... damn troublesome...

Can anybody explained to me why we're from Malaysia but our IP is not??


TenthOfMarch said...

I'd be extra cautious if this happened to me. Which web hosting company? Don't get conned.

I don't know what they will/can do with all the things they ask to send to them. Photocopy of credit card? What the hell? Don't tell me both sides. LOL.

I don't think it is right for them to be requesting a photocopy of your friend's credit card. If the payment has been made and charged to the card, that's the end of their concern. Forgery is up to the bank, not them.

Again, don't get conned.

Joyce said...

hmm.. so you mean no such thing as we online from malaysia but our ip not from malaysia?

con ar? i don't think so gua.. cos this hosting ar..a lot of my friends are currently using, just that most of them used paypal to pay for it, so they don't encounter such problem.

but i also dun feel ok with the credit card thingy..

TenthOfMarch said...

For example, I got a credit card from Malaysia. I went to study in Australia. I bought a web hosting in Australia using my credit card issued in Malaysia.

My IP is from Australia but card issued in Malaysia. Does that mean I will encounter the same problem?

Shouldn't right? It doesn't matter where your credit card issued from, as long as the bank approved the credit card payment. The credit card doesn't even need to be mind. It could be my father's or even my friend's. Why should the web hosting company bother?

Like I said, the only party who can query you is the bank who issued you the credit card, not the web hosting company.

If your friend has sent a photocopy of the credit card (especially both sides--which is a bit foolish, since the 3 digit security code is at the back), I suggest he/she cancel the card and get a new one.

Joyce said...

i'm not sure why they bother so much about the ip. Anyway, my friend did not sent his photostat copy of his credit card, he also felt weird and unsafe about it.

he still trying to talk to their support ppl...