Friday, July 25, 2008

Want to copy? Can.. But don't copy bulat bulat lar!!

I bet you guys have heard the news about the assemblyman that copied the questions from a former assemblyman from another party. Of cos he can have excuse that it's just a coincidence that these questions looked alike, but what abot spelling mistakes? Spelling mistakes also same wor.. It is soooo embarrassing!

I mean we do copy stuff from time to time, well, should i say refer? hehe.. Even if you feel like you want to reuse back these questions, pls spend a minute or two to change a bit lar.. at least read through lar.. Now the whole country knows you did not prepare your job well, know that you copy other ppl's stuff and know you didn't bother to go through after you copy..

~sigh.. we actually learned a lesson from this, what lesson? Want to copy? Can.. but DON'T copy bulat bulat lar!!!

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