Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wah, that stupid lawyer!!

One of my uncle asked my brother to help him to call a lawyer to ask about some legal issue. Due to some reason, my brother ask me to call instead. He sms me the lawyer's handphone and I started to call since last sunday.

I called twice on Sunday but nobody answer the phone, i thought maybe he don't work on Sunday, so he doesn't want to answer the phone. So I called again on Monday morning, afternoon, evening, still nobody answer the phone. Then Tuesday I tried to call for a few times and this morning I tried as well, still the same, nobody answer the phone.

I started to feel that maybe I'm calling the wrong number. I decided to call my brother to double check with him but before I called my brother, he called me instead to ask me whether I had call the lawyer or not. I told him I called many many times but seems like nobody answering the phone. So he asked me to call my uncle to ask for the lawyer's number again. Maybe he had given us the wrong number.

I called my uncle and told him the situation, guess what my uncle told me? oo, that lawyer ar.. he only answer calls from people he know. The lawyer don't have my number, that is why he's not answering my calls! WHAT???? What the hell, what kind of lawyer is that? Only answer calls from ppl he knows? So geramlar, waste my time and money to call him so many time!!

So now what? My uncle will sms him my number and ask HIM to call me!!

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