Monday, July 14, 2008

Try to solve first lar!!!

I recently realized I get 'mang zang' easily when I meet people which starts to complaint the minute they faced a problem. No matter it's a big problem or a small problem, they did not even TRY to solve it before they complaint. All they do is complaint and complaint and complaint and complaint and complaint!!

Why can't you just try to solve it with DIFFERENT ways first before you start to complaint? Complaint wont' be able to help you with your problems.... After your complaints, you will still need to face your problem no matter what...

Can you imagine, I here wanna discuss ways to solve the problems but that person already start complaining non stop.. why this one like that one? why this happens to me? why this why that..aiyor.. like that how? how? why like this one.. aiyor...

Complaint later when the problem really can't be solved also not too late what!!! argggg!!!!

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