Monday, July 7, 2008

Normal is good..

Recently I found out that a lot of actors/actresses or even singers that left the entertainment industry, joined back after they left for 10++ years. This makes me wonder, how come they chose to leave when they are so young, so popular and can make so much money and decided to join back when they are not so popular, young and beautiful any more? How come they don't just make more money when they are so popular and retired afterwards?

I guess a lot ppl are like that, when you have the money and fame, you will think that you don't need that much of attention and money, you want a peaceful life but when you have a peaceful life and you started to use up most of you money, you will start to think that money and fame is actually important...

i guess that's why to lead a normal life is better, why? you don't have that much of money therefore you can't really stop working when you are young, right?

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