Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Air Asia still charging for the checked baggage handling fees?

I remembered Ais Asia introduced checked baggage handling fees few months ago. I even blog about it. I was trying to pre booked so that I can save RM 2 but I go through the whole air asia website, I can't seems to find where to book! I even go through the FAQ section but it seems like there's nothing about checked baggage handling fees!

What happened? Did they cancel the checked baggage handling fees? Or did they cancel the pre book for checked baggage? Anybody know where to book?


Yossi said...

yo, they still charging that fee. You can find it at the next screen after you have selected your flight.

It is under Add-on title.

Joyce said...

hi yossi,

You mean when book a flight? But i booked my flights beginning of january at their counter wor..

Yossi said...

Oh.. Jan ah... Then is free of charge. I think the new fee charge was started 21st April. Means any booking made after that date, will kena charge. Anything before still free.

Joyce said...

is it? I thought those fly before April is free of charge.

hehe, good lar if FOC!!