Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The debate between Mr. An and Mr. Ah!!

Did you watch the debate between Mr. An and Mr. Ah just now at 9pm? I did watch a while, don't really understand what they said as i've given back most of my BM to teacher. :) Well, although I didn't quite understand the whole debate, but i still managed to catch a bit here and there.

Correct me if i'm wrong, from what I heard, Mr. An sticked to the topic, talks about inflation, petrol price increasing and etc but Mr. Ah.. I think he goes a bit out of topic. Ppl here talks about petrol but he kept talks about Mr. An and kept attacking Mr. An.. And I also found out something, when Mr. Ah starts talking, even only a few words, a group of ppl starts clapping their hands. Wow, he talked a few words only they already know what he's going to? and i noticed one thing, they only clapped when Mr. Ah talks.. hehe...

wuahahha..so damn funny.. they pakat one izzit.. :p

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